My name is Gurpreet Cheema

This website is a mixture of my projects, skills, and collection of all the articles and videos which I would like to save or share with others. On the blog page, I have collection of videos and articles over anything related to Motivation, Science, Neuroscience, Mysticism, Quantum Physics, and Consciousness. I am an avid learner and always like to gain knowledge to not only improve my life but others too. All these articles and videos have the ability to change our mindset so worth checking them out.


My proficiency in eack skill.

My Projects


Medical Scheduling App

An app was created with 3 other students at Tech Elevator Bootcamp. It helps patients and Doctors to get connected. Click here

Personal Website

Blog and Portfolio Mix

A personal website to show my Projects and Skills. You are already on the website but still here is the Link.Click here

Food Website.

Healthy Food

A project to order food via website or monthly food plan by using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and jQuery. Click here


MVC Project

A national park where users have the ability to see and take survey on their Fav Park. Click here


Python Database Project

A project to show data from Cleveland Museum of Art.- Python, SQLite,JSON, and JavaScript Click here

Coming Soon

Still Flip it

Watch this over the inner world and outer world, Explain how everything is related and similar. Click here


I did not say coming soon since I will be working on other two.

I watched this one like 5 years ago, it's time to watch again, Mind over Matter stuff, Pretty interesting.Click here


Just flip it

Power of positive thinking - not only Motivational, Self- Transformative, but also extremely Funny.Click here

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